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Our Sustainable goals (SDGs)

This is our flagship Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – conveying the power of multi-stakeholder partnerships to come together and delivering extraordinary results towards a better future.

Kind Citizen is a social enterprise with 100% social impact outputs. We serve as a transparent platform for businesses to participate with a new approach of social responsibility towards the communities in need in a practical way.

Beyond first aid kits

Our timely help Coverage

Anyone can experience tough times in their life. Similarly, everyone can offer timely help and direct encouragement besides the basic needs. (Our government welfare and NGOs are doing a good job in this regards)

We are here to complete the cycle of support with a new holistic approach.

Timely Help for the invisible community

Frontline workers | Mental health | Caregiver support | Special needs | Pandemic aids | Children from special families | Single parents | ex-offenders

Frequently Asked Questions

To date, from technology to resources, it has focused on the more widely known global issues such as eradicating hunger (SDG 2) and achieving quality education for all (SDG 4).
SDG 17 – Partnership for Goals showcases a new way of working with social impact. It establishes interconnectedness between prosperous businesses and a thriving society to support the rest of the SDGs much effectively.
We provide a first-of-its-kind collaborative platform among businesses and individuals to align their common vision and maximise value creation by delivering benefits to all the stakeholders.
The primary purpose of a social enterprise is to promote, encourage, and make positive social change by first making ourselves sustainable without conditional external financial support. At Kind Citizen, we reinvest 100% of our profits back to the social impact ecosystem to make the world a better place for all.
Everyone is doing their best, including the government welfare , NGOs and other social enterprises. We encourage everyone to support any social cause resonates with their hearts consistently.
In Kind Citizen, our focus is to create a new way of agile support to enhance the community partner’s campaign, which we believe this is what everyone needs it now.
We support a non-zero-sum approach to essentially supporting many communities’ daily initiatives with a flexible approach while remaining legitimate.


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