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In Kind Citizen, we make it convenient and easy to integrate social impact with your shop front and daily operation. Your customers can shop, dine, experience your products and services as usual, with the added delight of co-creating a positive social impact with their purchases and enhancing your brand image and awareness.  
With our initiative, people who have seen your brand in the media or walked past your shop numerous times can finally have the chance to experience it for themselves.
create positive impact with your brand as our merchant

Advantages of joining us

New Revenue

Gain your new additional incomes meaningfully while helping those in need.

Positive Branding

Highlight your brand image while influencing social impact within the community.

Creative Engagements

Enhance customer’s loyalty and engagement with creative campaigns such as one-for-one co-matching.


Grow your business with collaboration opportunities with our enterprise partners.

How To Be Our Kind Merchant Partner

Co-Create Social Impact With Your

Valuable Customers & The Kindness Tribes

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with partners who are committed to offering the same quality of goods and services to our community partners and the beneficiaries aligned with our Social Mission. Partners may be retail shops, e-commerce ventures, or small home businesses with self-pickup or delivery options.
Some examples at this stage are as follows:
  • Basic necessities, including cooked food, fresh produces, groceries, and household goods
  • Essential service back to new normal – counselling, training
  • Healthcare, hygiene, and grooming services
  • Transportation or logistic offerings
  • School supplies and learning goods.
  • Children’s books and gifts
  • Condition of goods and services: Only reputable services and goods in brand new condition should be listed.
  • Privacy: Please do not ask personal questions to the person who makes the redemption, who could be a volunteer, caregiver, or social worker for the beneficiaries.
  • Attitude: It is important to be polite and friendly and treat everyone who claims items in a professional manner.
  • No hard sell: Kindly refrain from adding costs or employing a hard-sell approach for anything unless it has been agreed upon by both parties, which will then be treated as an external transaction.
We conduct weekly surveys with the beneficiaries to understand the demand vs supply situation. Accordingly, the list is updated based on factors such as the beneficiaries’ wishlists, feedback, urgency of needs, area, etc.
Merchants are required to provide an accurate reflection of the supply for their offered goods and services. In the event of a last-minute shortage, a counteroffer for something similar should be made if both parties agree.
We do not restrict on the type of promotional activities that they may undertake on their social media pages. It would be great if you discuss the same with us so we can feature your campaign in our feeds as well.
As a due diligence practice, merchants will receive monthly payments via Paynow on the first week of every month. The amount will be based on the total claims made by the community partners.


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