let's inspire more kind citizens
You might be a busy professional with a strong desire to offer practical help for our community. Especially during the lockdown, we have witnessed many random acts of kindness to the different communities requiring timely support. These might not be those immediate basic needs, but could be a lifestyle support that can help to give a psychological boost or even motivate them. At the core of everything, we believe that many societal challenges could be minimized merely by being more kind to one another and showing more trust in each other, especially during these difficult times.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

Here, we inspire more kind citizens to be part of our Good Vibes community.


Witnessing every positive impact as a new way of giving.

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Easy and Affordable

Be part of the Kind ripple effect with an accessible way.

Personalised Kindness

Sending a personalised encouragement note as a piece of priceless kindness.


Directing your contributions to make immediate availability possible to those who needs it the most.

Support the Invisible community by becoming a Kind Citizen

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