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Why Us?

Genuine Social Responsibility
No more mismatch

Practical Social Responsibility


Doing good does not mean it has to be done on a large scale. We make it practical and resourceful.

Transparent Social Responsibility


Witness every contribution you make and see exactly where it goes.

Measurable Social Responsibility


View the full contributions report and see the value and the area of support.

Human Social Responsibility

Traditionally, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been for the “big guys” who run massive campaigns. But we know that there are many smaller companies that are doing their own independent and altruistic campaigns.  
Therefore, we are replacing the word “corporate” and most importantly – embracing people. Social impacts should be the key for every business, whether it is big or small.
This is what we call “Human Social Responsibility” (HSR).
And this is not just another flavour of CSR…
consistent community support all year round

Social Impact
all year round

We represent companies to provide consistent community support locally. This makes each effort accounted for and effectively changes people's quality of life instantly, more than the Christmas season.

Social Impact and Stakeholders Engagement

Creative Stakeholders Engagement

Let your employees, clients and suppliers participate in your social impact project. This could be done with co-matching contributions, Kindness Voucher and staff support. Get in touch with us for more creative solutions.

social impact | no wastage

No More Wastage

We offer your social impact to where it is needed most at the right time. There will be no wastage and all contributions are used wisely.

Business is a force for good. For a better world, it starts with You.

Frequently Asked Questions

You could be small businesses that are new to social responsibility work or big brands that are looking to be a part of this new wave of giving back to the local communities. Individual leaders who support social innovation for the status quo are also welcome.
Your organisation will first receive a detailed notification each time a contribution has been claimed by beneficiaries. From here, you could also log in to your account to view the report on the number of beneficiaries and community partners that your kind contributions have helped support.

This aligns with the objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Goals on how to build the most robust, effective, and trustful collaborative relationships in an open setting.

Absolutely! We have many partners who want to maximize their efforts as well as rewards. Although a business contributor and a merchant represent two different roles, both are involved with straightforward processes. If you wish to know more about customised campaign, please contact us for more details here.

Although many organisations have their own bureaucracy and internal dynamics related to social responsibility, we can serve as a new partner with a new approach. This would allow everyone to focus on its promotional efforts to spread the positive influence on a greater extent.

Kind Citizen is a new and innovative approach for creating local social impact and is, without a doubt, quite different from any other existing programme. We encourage everyone to contribute and give their best to the causes that resonate with the organisation’s vision.
Yes, of course. We work with community partners with niche causes that require the help of many kind citizens to execute. Please let us know the idea, and we can divert your kind intention to some of our partners who can co-create meaningful programmes with your organisation.