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Apart from selecting the most in-demand or your favourite merchant brands to pay it forward, you may also consider supporting small home-based or neighbourhood businesses. Your contribution will help them earn some extra income, while their goods and services can be your kind expression to help the community.

What a double impact!
Everyone is doing their best through many good initiatives, so there is no one is better than the other.
Kind Citizen is an independent, private, social impact organisation based the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17 – partnership, which is the most important SDG.
We bring everyone together to participate in a new way of social impact through technology using the concept of pay-it-forward. We have created a collaborative ecosystem where everyone is included to encourage overall social inclusion, which is a new way of support, in addition to systematic welfare.
Community needs are ever-changing, especially during the ongoing pandemic. In such circumstances, we serve as a tool to help the community obtain the required resources more quickly, independently, and holistically.
Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs) are exempt or registered charities that allow donors to claim tax relief from their assessable income based on the donated amount at the existing deduction rate.
Since Kind Citizen is a social enterprise, it is not qualified as an IPC. We are an independent organisation and not funded by any philanthropy grants or donations. Instead, we are funded by people who embrace the same vision as us of promoting a totally different approach to social impact to complement the community partners’ needs.
We work with community partners and social workers on the ground who have profound knowledge and accessibility regarding all the cases they handle. These community heroes review the profiles of the needy, the duration of support needed as part of our due diligence process, and the access to our back-end system to generate an account for the beneficiary. They help, educate, and monitor the usage of the Kind Citizen platform to ensure that donor contributions are well handled and accessible to those who need them the most.
At this stage, we only accept donation-in-kind from the listed good and services.

We could help companies make selections based on what is required from our database and assign the items under a single invoice. The final figure might not be the exact sum (+/- a few dollars) that you wish to contribute, but we will make it closed. Please contact us directly when you require any assistance to choose the type of contribution.
Yes, contributors will receive a detailed notification via email when a beneficiary claims their contribution.

Due to the compliance with PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act ), we will only show the first/last name of the beneficiary, the name of the merchant involved, and the time of claim.

All the records will be permanently available under your account for viewing. You can also see some beneficiaries who post about the claimed contributions on the homepage, which is normally a live feed.
The system will show the first/last name of the contributor on a random basis, along with their customised encouragement note. None of their personal details will be accessible to our organisation or our partners.
Yes. You may choose to hide your name completely from beneficiaries and community partners.

If you wish to do so, please select the relevant option during checkout.
We invite individuals with positive influence to be our Kind Ambassadors or Community Hero on a voluntary basis. You can fill up the form here.

Our Community

A community is only as strong as its people. We work together with like-minded organisations to address community challenges and needs holistically and efficiently. These organisations have been listed below:
  • Grassroots community development
  • Local social enterprises
  • Non-profit organisations (NPOs)
  • Social service agencies (SSAs)
  • Ground-up community projects
No. We advocate for social responsibility within the local community as there is so much, we could do to become a leader of the social impact hub in Asia.

Nonetheless, our system and concept are well prepared to support global operations, whenever necessary.
It depends. Overall, we provide timely help ranging from three months to longer terms. At this stage, community partners review each case regularly to decide if their beneficiaries need an extension for support.
The availability of support depends on the contributions of our individual and business contributors.

Each support is reviewed by social workers and their management team as they are the community heroes on the ground and understand individual cases much better than us.
If we come across any cases on the news or from our kind citizens, we refer them to one of the community partners or social workers for a brief verification and assistance. They register the beneficiary, guide them onboard, and review the case on a regular basis.
We cannot know what one is going through from just their appearance or systematic profile. That’s why we are here for – to provide timely support to all the invisible struggles.

Each case is reviewed and verified by reliable and knowledgeable people on the ground as part of a due diligence process. Should any abuse of the platform be detected, we will investigate further into the matter and take necessary actions.


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