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    A Community is Only as Strong as its people.

First of our kind

Who we are

our philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone could be part of a genuine societal impact.

our mission

Our Mission

We connect individuals and businesses to support where it needs most in an easy, transparent, and holistic way through our platform.

our future

Our Future

Together, We enable social impact as part of DNA at the heart of every consumption and business.

empower others to get back up

Timely Help

Because life is full of uncertainties. It’s time to look at how we could empower others to get back up with dignity & kindness.

Let’s talk about something good

Hello, Kind Citizens!

Just like you, we resonate with a variety of social causes. At the core of everything, we believe that many societal challenges could be minimized merely by being more kind to one another and showing more trust in each other, especially during these difficult times.

Therefore, we digitalised the traditional concept of “Paying-it-forward” to cultivate the new normal with timely help to include everyone. We strengthen the invisible community before it’s too late.

In a world where everything is available at one’s fingertips, we want to ensure that kindness does the same in every corner. The primary goal is to create a social movement where everyone demonstrates graciousness and kind understanding for the invisible struggles.
Here is what we perceive as a cycle of kindness through the smallest gestures to many smiling faces.

Kind Citizens in a nutshell



You can Pay-it-forward products and services (with Kind Messages) listed on our platform just like any other e-commerce platform.
The platform will match the beneficiary who require the contributions with your personalised kind message.
You will then receive a notification once the beneficiary claims your kind contributions.  
kind contributions using pay-it-forward

Offline / Online Selling Platform


Our free listing platform allow merchants to upload and list their available goods and services.

Beneficiary or their representative make the booking and contact the merchant to claim the contributions directly with redemption code verifications.

Essential Timely Help &

Community Partners

Our partners perform due diligence to verify cases and determine the duration of support needed. They are our links to society, managing the eligible beneficiaries directly with a flexible approach.
Each beneficiary is registered with Singpass. They have access to other pages with the ability to filter the types of contributions, availability, diet preferences, and distance.

Upon redemption, the beneficiaries will also receive kind messages from our contributors.

timely help by community partners to manage eligible beneficiaries


Kindness Subscription

Let’s stay in touch! We would like to keep you inspired with our Kindness stories and community events.

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